BRISCOOL's main purpose is to provide the best product to its customers in the fastest and most reliable way by serving more than 40 countries for more than 36 years in the Heating and Cooling Systems sector in which it operates.

Focusing on the needs of customers, following technological developments closely and pursuing continuous improvement are the qualities that most define BRISCOOL.

BRISCOOL's expectation from its employees; It should add value to our company by executing ideas that support innovation, creativity and quality. Our company creates an environment where all its employees will be happy, allowing them to develop themselves and work efficiently.

Our HR Vision

Acting on the assumption that our employees are the most important capital, preparing our employees for the future and as a result giving the greatest support to the achievement of my company's goals.

Work life

BRISCOOL believes in the efficiency of teamwork, and by creating a positive working environment, employees' relationships with customers reach the highest level.

Continuous Improvement

We contribute to continuous development by providing our management systems, which we have created in line with our measurable targets, with the most effective methods and all necessary trainings to our employees.

Professional Development Trainings

In order to increase the knowledge and skills of the employees and to ensure their professional development, trainings are provided in the form of certification, seminars and courses.
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